Hi and welcome to “Vegan in Athens”!

My name is Vicky and I live in Athens together with my partner and our dog, Petra. I am vegan for ethical reasons but I also love to cook and create cruelty-free, vegan recipes. I am not a trained vegan chef and all the recipes and methods that I use are based on what I’ve learned from my mother and grandmother. Besides, I spend much of my free time thinking, searching, experimenting, writing down ideas for new recipes and creating them.

On March 2013 I started “Vegan in Athens”, a blog dedicated to Mediterranean and Greek vegan cooking, writing in Greek. However, I wanted to share my recipes with even more vegan people and friends as I believe that the vegan life-style shows the way towards a world of peace and respect to all human and non-human earthlings. Thus, I decided to write my Greek vegan recipes in English, although I am not a native English speaker.

Most of my recipes are based on the “sunny” Mediterranean diet which is –or at least used to be- to a great extend, plant-based. Additionally I like to create the vegan versions of traditional Greek and Mediterranean dishes. The ingredients that I use are mostly fresh, local products such as olives and olive oil, pulses, legumes, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables, which, together with spending time in nature and being connected to our inner self, may be the keys for a healthy, long and happy life.

All the recipes that I post have been prepared and photographed by me. In any other case the name of the creator will be mentioned.

Hope you’ll find something interesting and useful! I will be glad to read your comments!

See you!